Anonymous asked: Do you hate bronies?

My best friend is one.

So, kinda.


Anonymous asked: What is your favorite Ys game, out of... all of them (not just talking sequel number, but platform version)

Oath in Felghana on PC.


Anonymous asked: Is that new Y's anything like Y's Seven?

Yeah it’s an evolution of the same party based combat.


Anonymous asked: In all honesty, would you actually recommend getting a PS Vita?

Depends on how much you like weeaboo games, because that’s basically all there is.

If you want a bunch of weeaboo games plus the ability to play most PSN games in a portable, then yeah it’s definitely worth it.


Anonymous asked: Ever played Dragons Dogma? If so what did you think of it?

I like it.

Too bad it runs like garbage. A game that actually needs a PC port for reasons beyond the standard ‘everything should be on PC, because’ logic.

Beat Ys: Memories of Celceta.

It’s good, and definitely reminiscent of a good PS2 RPG.

But.. it feels lesser. It’s lesser than Oath. Which is a high bar, but still. Not as good. The changes to the combat make it much easier and more button mashy than previous. It also adds a bunch of stuff on top of the combat, lots of which.. feels sort of irrelevant. 

I still recommend it, but play it on one difficulty higher than you played Oath or Origin on.

Picked up Ys: Memories of Celceta today.

Liking it so far, not super fond of the game fleshing out Adol (and even less fond of Adol speaking in the flashbacks) but otherwise it’s really good.

Hope it gets on PC.. eventually..


I seriously don’t understand why anyone complains about weird shit in metal gear

like at the very start of MGS Campbell talks breathlessly about how FOXHOUND has a psychic and a shaman. It tells you what you’re getting into at the very start.

I am sort of upset that horrible brony dating sim kickstarter failed (and was maybe always fake? I’m still unclear on that) because I would have loved to pirate that shit and see how terrible it was.

Dark Skyes cross Namco High, which will take the horrible idea crown